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Angie Avard Turner Law, LLC:  Legal Services


If you are just beginning on the entrepreneurial road you may be operating on a tight budget.  No problem.  With our unbundled services (you only pay for the services that you need) you will be able to pick and choose what services are vital to the beginning of your business endeavor.

Here is a list of just a few of our unbundled services.

Legal Strategy Session   The Legal Strategy Session is a one hour session of legal advice discussing how you can build your business and protect against risks along the way for only $250.  If you have questions about how to manage the legal specifics of your business, click here to get started. 

Legal Document Review    Do you have documents that need to be reviewed by an attorney?  Maybe you have documents that you have drafted but would like an attorney to read through to make sure that all of your interests are protected.  With this service you will receive a plain English interpretation of what the document says, what needs to be added, and what to watch out for.  This service begins at $400 for a document up to 10 pages.   Click here to get started


So you’ve been around awhile.  Your business is established.  You still need an attorney on your team to help you protect your business’ legal interests.  Here are some of the legal services I offer.

Business Entity Formation     What type of business entity will you form?   Corporation?   LLC?   Or something else?

Contract Drafting     Do you need a contract drafted?  Lease?   Independent contractor agreement?  License agreement?  Or some other type of agreement?

Registering and Managing Intellectual Property    Do you have intellectual property that requires protection?  Copyright Registration?  Trademark REgistration?

You may purchase any of these individual services for a flat fee, or you may sign up for one of our Annual Business Services Packages.  Click here to sign up.


Our Annual Business Services Packages are for businesses that require the expertise and support of an attorney throughout the year.  These are known as bundled services. The advantage of choosing one of our packages is that you will have an attorney available to handle your needs year round.  Another advantage is that instead of paying large sums each time you require legal services, you can spread your payments of the course of a year. You will pay a set monthly fee to have an attorney available who is familiar with your business and can quickly take care of your legal needs as they arise throughout the year.

My Annual Business Services Packages have 5 different levels of service.  The beginner package starts at $375 per month.  Contact us to find out how one of our packages can save you money.  Click here to sign up.