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Running a Creative Business is an Adventure! There are ups and downs and twists and turns.  The last thing you need is the legal throwing you for a loop.  That's where I come in!

I'm Angie Avard Turner, an attorney for creatives with a heart to help others and a head to protect what you've created.

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Angie Avard Turner, J.D., LL.M.

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At Angie Avard Turner Law, LLC, we help bring things into focus and add a little color!  We want to help you identify and protect your creative works.  It’s the essence of your business, and it’s what makes you one-of-a-kind!


Has this ever happened to you?


You are knee-deep in color swatches, looking at specs of fifty different products.  Or, you just received fifty boxes of merchandise that need to be sku’ed, tagged, and arranged in some super awesome, eye-catching, I-have-to-buy-it-now manner.  Or, you have twenty different   collections that you are working on for several different call-outs and licensing clients.  How do I know?  I’ve been in your shoes.  Artists, Retailers and Wholesalers, Event Planners, Bloggers, and Creative Service Providers, our firm is here for you. So who has time for dealing with legal issues?  Now, you do!

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Artists, Retailers and Wholesalers, Event Planners, Bloggers, and Creative Service Providers, my firm is here for you. As a creative entrepreneur your business is growing which means you are busy.  Awesome!  That’s what you’ve been working toward.  However, being busy means that you may not always have time to spot the legal issues that arise from running a thriving business.  Enter Angie Avard Turner Law.  To make a long story short—I help other creative sorts protect their creations and their business.

As one who has been in your shoes, I am uniquely positioned to recognize many of the pitfalls that plague so many small creative endeavors.  Not only can I help you take care of your creative business but I can help without wiping out your bank account.


And maybe you are in this situation…

“Who knows what I should do?  I’ll just table that. Stick a pin in it.  I’ll circle the wagon…LATER or NEVER!!” Kicking the can down the road when it comes to legal and business issues will guarantee one thing… You will never get them solved!  I totally get it, though.  Dealing with legal issues can be unpleasant, costly, confusing and frustrating.  However, not dealing with them in a timely manner can wreak havoc on your creative endeavors!


Or maybe this is you…

You are a creative. You don’t have time to deal with business or legal decisions.  Maybe you are intimidated by the legal or financial aspect of your business. “I am creative. I am not a numbers person! And I definitely don’t understand all that legal speak!” That is for someone else.. Point taken! So you just flip a coin or play several rounds of ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS! Decision made…Was it a good one?  Do you even remember making the decision?  Now is the time to be intentional and proactive.  Save the games for after business hours!

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What Are the Most Frequent Issues

Creative Entrepreneurs Face?

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