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Why “Asked and Answered”?

Why call the blog “Asked and Answered”? What does it mean?  Simply put, it is a play on words.  Historically, the phrase “asked and answered” is an objection that attorneys love to use in court when opposing counsel has asked a question repeatedly, maybe in several different versions, but nonetheless, it is the same questions. The witness is sick and tired of answering the same questions.  Everyone is sick and tired of hearing the same answers. So, the attorney objects. Maybe it’s overruled; maybe it is sustained.  Well, here we are in quite a different setting.  This is not a court room.  We are not in adversarial proceedings.  And NO ONE is tired of hearing the same questions.  I know because you have asked them of me for the last 17 years!   

Second, you have questions; you have asked.  I will try to help explore those answers; I will do my best to teach and to answer.  We will walk down this creative path together. As I am sure you have already gathered, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.  Not so for the creative entrepreneur; part of the creative process is meandering, sprinting, taking a breath, falling, dare I say, failing, and getting back up.  I want this to be a tool that you will use to think and further your knowledge and deepen your understanding of the business behind your craft.  So here we go--- Click here to begin reading!

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